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One of the main reasons for visiting the Mekong is to see the Irrawaddy dolphins, but it is a small picturesque and beautiful town called Kratie. The people of Cambodia have obviously seen an increase in the number of tourists in the last decade or so and have not been overly impressed or aggressively sold to tourists. For those who are not exhausted by the tourist attractions of Thailand, Cambodia and other parts of Asia, visiting such a small town is a real pleasure.

Cambodian farmers sell their fur to Thailand, Vietnam and China for $10 per capita, rather than selling it for more than $10 per capita. We agree that the industry has a long way to go and has acted as if it were Singapore's norm.

Fortunately, the drive from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh takes only 6 hours, but if you stay longer than one night or visit the temples of Angkor, your expenses will increase significantly. If you drive to Killing Fields, a small town in the middle of the country with about 1,000 inhabitants, you will have to pay more to cross the bumpy roads there. Most Cambodian-run hotels probably won't have a price list, and if they do, you'll probably be able to shave a few dollars off.

Taxis can be much faster than buses, as taxi drivers can take you to your destination in less time than on the way back.

Most of the cities that tourists visit in Cambodia will be near the river, which is traditionally the place where all young and old live Spend your late afternoon and enjoy the weekend. In Siem Reap I did not see many tourists walking around, except for the river in Phnom Penh. The town is small, so nowhere is even 20 minutes away, otherwise you won't expect a few to whizz past you, but you will find yourself in the middle of a small town with many shops, restaurants and shops. Only a few kilometres from the city centre, the town is small enough that nowhere near it is it really too far from a bus stop or even a taxi rank. Just a few miles from the city, you can watch locals go about their business, till the land, etc.

This unnamed town is located in the heart of the city centre, just a few kilometres from the airport, and is home to almost exclusively travelling merchants from across the country looking for a cheap place to stay. You will see two big companies, Global and Choice, but they are not the only ones in Cambodia.

A handful of big-name Asian airlines fly to Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia, but my preferred low-cost airline is AirAsia, which flies from Bangkok to Phnom Penh, Phuket, Krakow, Bangkok and other cities in Thailand and Cambodia.

Siem Reap in particular has many options to choose between cheap and luxurious hotels, whose prices are similar.

If you love adventure and excitement, there are numerous famous attractions to visit with your holiday package in Cambodia. Enjoy the best time of your life and enjoy the famous Khmer coffee, visit the beer gardens with a Cambodia tour package or visit a beer garden. The city is also a good place to visit Cambodia with its travel packages where you can try a variety of food and drinks as well as some of the most popular tourist attractions.

The clinic is located on the busy main road leading directly to the centre of Phnom Penh, a 15-minute drive from the hospital and in a tuktuk, a 15-minute drive from the city. It is also located next to a hospital with a clinic that is 15 minutes by car to the city and a doctor's office.

A day trip to Phnom Penh includes a visit to Koh Sam Rhea, a popular tourist attraction in the city centre, and a stopover at Takhmau Cambodia Hotel.

If you want to travel along the Mekong, the bus / boat combination is a good alternative, but it is not as convenient as the city bus or the boat trip to Phnom Penh. There are city buses like in Bangkok and Vietnam, and there are not so many possibilities for a day trip from Phnom Penc to the capital of Cambodia.

A huge plate of crab for sharing will set you back a measly $5-6USD, and in some restaurants you can order a huge amount of food, such as rice, rice noodles or even rice cakes. Most locals eat lunch and dinner in small display cases displaying pre-made food. You will also see cars selling papaya salad and Khmer bok lahong, which is very similar to Thai som tam.

You can find somewhere shady to eat a few short noodles with fried eggs or instant noodles or even a plate of rice noodles with rice cakes.

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